Elisabeth Lecq

20 Nov 2023

The founder of the agency Sandeep Agarwal is French-speaking and knows French culture, he knows how to adapt to French requests and his mastery of the French language facilitates exchanges. Very available, very responsive, he knows how to adapt to the requests of his customers and never loses contact with them during the trip. You can trust him :-) India is more than a trip, an experience... Namaste.
Visited in November 2023

mathieu frederic

27 Feb 2023

Excellente agence francophone locale.

Avons voyage au Rajasthan avec voiture et chauffeur privé.

Tout était parfait, voiture très confortable et chauffeur attentionné, connaissant parfaitement la région et également de bons conseils.

Sandeep le directeur de l agence nous a appelé régulièrement pour prendre de nos nouvelles et veiller a ce que tout se passe bien.

Je recommande vivement cette agence et ferais de nouveau appels à Indian passion pour découvrir de nouvelles régions en Inde.

francois twardowski

18 Feb 2023

I called on passion India tours for the car with driver and various guides on the main sites everything was perfect, so I highly recommend this agency and the director Sandeep speaks very good French which is very practical when organizing a long journey with different stages

Vessela Lazarova

27 Dec 2022

Thanks to Sandeep and its French-speaking agency Passion India, my trip to North India was unforgettable! A great professional who takes care of his clients and on whom you can rely without fail in the event of the unexpected.
I highly recommend !
Thank you Sandeep!


25 Nov 2019

This is my first trip to India. It was great to go through Passion India because everything was well organized. We left with a group of friends for a motorcycle road trip that lasted 12 days in southern India.

Whether it was hotels, restaurants or venues, everything was fine.
I recommend this agency 👍

Kristian Abgrall

18 Nov 2019

13 days of motorcycle riding in magnificent landscapes with a friendly and professional team...
I recommend this agency

Christophe Chevriau

13 Nov 2019

Very efficient and attentive French-speaking agency. Support during our trip to Rajasthan, very good driver, impeccable car and good advice to optimize our stay. Thank you for everything and advise

Family Pasquiar

18 Aug 2019

"We left for two weeks as a family with Passion India and we spent two unforgettable weeks. From Delhi to Benares, from the Taj Mahal to Pangong Lac, every day was very special. We spent a trip full of discoveries and colors, accompanied by top guides who spoke very good French. Thank you Sandeep for making us discover Indian culture so closely, a very rich culture to discover absolutely!"

lilian moreau

18 Mar 2019

Very good organization and schedules are respected nothing to say
It is easy to communicate with the manager
I strongly recommend


25 Feb 2019

Thank you for this wonderful 15 day trip to Rajhastan and extension to Varanasi.

Returned for almost 3 weeks, we still haven't touched the ground.

Visiting a country for 4 with a guide, a driver and a driver's helper is an easy luxury to afford with this tour operator. Leaving under these conditions, how can you envisage a future trip differently?

Mounted on the back of elephants or camels, in jeeps or Rickshaws, there were plenty of opportunities to have fun.

It is certain, we will leave with Passion India because Sandeep is a goldsmith in the matter: next year, to us Nepal, Tibet and Bhuthan!

regine riva

18 Jan 2019

We are returning from India and after a 3-week journey, 15 days on a motorcycle to discover the tea and spice route in Kerala, a superb region of India and an unforgettable week in eastern Rajasthan with Passion India.

We can say that with this agency travel is only happiness as the organization is top notch!!!

Nothing to say about the itineraries concocted according to the expectations of the customers with in addition the little touch of the director Sandeep who will always take us on extraordinary paths!!!

The teams that accompany us during our stays (French-speaking guide, mechanic and driver) are like Passion India, attentive, efficient and kind!!!

4 times in India including 3 times with Sandeep, This trust is not a coincidence and we will leave a 5th time with Passion India... That's for sure!!!

Eric Gaillard

18 Jan 2019

A big thank you to the entire Passion India team and to Sandeep in particular for their welcome and for organizing this wonderful and unforgettable three-week stay which was shared between South India, on a motorcycle and the last week in Rajasthan - stay crowned by the visit of the pearl of the Taj Mahal. For the third time, we were able to travel to this fascinating, welcoming country where all human diversities rub shoulders, from the poorest to the richest but also in the presence of the highest mysticism. India is truly one of the cradles of our common humanity. Sandeep is the Indian link between our two cultures and his mastery of French allows Westerners to discover the diversity of India in the best conditions of comfort and safety. Eric and Jocelyne Gaillard

Pierre Yves et Cathy

01 Jan 2019

Thank you for this wonderful 15 day trip to Rajhastan and extension to Varanasi. Returned for almost 3 weeks, we still haven't touched the land. Visiting a country with a guide, a driver and an attendant is an easy luxury to afford with this tour operator. Leaving under these conditions, how could a future trip be envisaged otherwise?

A flawless organization. A program respected to the letter and even some bonuses and surprises. Ride an elephant or camel, jeep or rickshaw, opportunities to laugh we did not miss anything. The night in the Thar desert will remain unforgettable. And what about moving and disturbing Varanasi? Of course, we will leave with Passion India because Sandeep is a goldsmith in the matter: next year, we will do Nepal, Tibet and Bhuthan with Passion India Tours & Travels!

Manon Brosset

27 Nov 2018

In September 2015 I moved to New Delhi. I met Sandeep at the beginning of 2016 through a network of French people, traveling regularly to India. First of all, I was surprised by the quality of his French without any accent. It is truly remarkable. When I spoke to Sandeep about my family's plan to visit me in India in May 2016, I knew that Sandeep was the perfect partner to organize this 10 day family trip. It's too hot in May, so Sandeep suggested we go to North East India. And that's how we discovered the Hindu temples of Sikkim, the tea plantations of Darjeeling, the Tibetan influences in Kathmandu and to take a flight to see Everest. We all have great memories of this family trip and I can't wait to discover a new region of India with my family through Sandeep's travel agency (PASSION INDIA). Today more than a guide, Sandeep has become a friend who helps me on a daily basis in my personal and professional projects in India."

Amina Radaoui

27 Nov 2018

Great trip to Rajastan! Change of scenery and comfort guaranteed. Very good organization and services. Excellent guide and caring driver.

Gerard GRUNY

14 Nov 2018

Travel to Rajasthan: Magnificent and diverse, the forts and monuments, including the Taj Mahal stands at the top. Those unforgettable nights in the old Mughal palace; must-sees, protective forts and mashrabiya dominating the pink and blue cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur. And the twilight camel ride in the Thar desert, with nomad parties and dances, topped off with a little Monk rum! Above all, the immense culture that Sandeep knows and shares with all his usual kindness.

South India: The tour covers two states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It's almost two different discoveries in one trip: on the one hand, finely carved and colorful monuments and on the other hand, a natural and wonderful flora and fauna. The huge sacred temples like those of Madurai, Trichy and Mahabalipuram! Also meet and share with pilgrims from the far south at Kanniyakumari. The Backwaters, the ride and the night spent on a boat with all the changes of scenery that entails. The colonial memories of Cochin and Pondicherry lead us on this long disputed road to India.

Eastern India: This route goes from Delhi to Calcutta, and ends at the foot of the Himalayas between Nepal and Bhutan. It's an immersion in the bustle and noise of the city by rickshaw. Then, little by little, we mingle with the inhabitants by taking a night train and all its folklore. We visit many temples carved with sculptures, such as representations of the Kama Sutra of Khajuraho. We join the Ganges and its tributaries in Allahabad to attend the sacred baths at sunset and then we finally reach the wonder of wonders: Varanasi or Benares. It's a continuous walkabout, incantations, joy and gaiety, day and night. Pilgrims bathe in the sacred river, between the various floral offerings, while the cremation pyres are fed continuously. Calcutta does not seem to have aged, "City of Joy" still has its rickshaw pullers on foot, skinny but happy to have enough to feed their families. The relaxing city walk along the river at dusk. Finally our journey to Darjeeling ends with a steam train ride and heaps of ash, handed over to UNESCO World Heritage.


21 Sep 2018

Back from Bhutan at the end of November, 5 stars for the perfect organization of Sandeep and his Passion India team.

The next trip to India will be entrusted to him because the services are at the top.


13 Sep 2018

Very nice motorcycle experience through BOUTHAN. Nothing to throw away. Wonderful experience. Thank you Sandeep.

Raphaelle Pasquier

21 Aug 2018

We left for two weeks as a family with Passion India and we spent two unforgettable weeks. Sandeep prepared a tailor-made trip for us that allowed us to discover India at our own pace. We are ready to go again very soon with Passion India Tours.

Jean-Marie Longchamp

24 Apr 2018

Just got back from a two week motorbike trip in Kerala. It was fantastic.
The organization was perfect.
I would particularly like to thank the competent and efficient guides and attendants who made this stay enjoyable day by day.
A successful first contact with India

Viguier Katia

08 Mar 2018

We are returning from India, we have chosen a northern Rājasthān circuit, a 15-day circuit with driver and guide.
This trip will remain for us the most magical, the most rewarding....
The manager Sandeep is very professional and quickly understood what we wanted, it was just brilliant.
I recommend this agency with eyes closed, impeccable services, a cohesive team, and above all a lot of kindness.
I just want to go back next year with them for a meditation and yoga stay.

William & Verniquey

27 Feb 2018

Travel to Rajasthan in February 2018 with Passion India Tours & Travels. We were warmly welcomed in Udaipur by our guide and driver, who throughout the ten days we criss-crossed the countryside and the desert with great kindness. From palaces to fortresses, each one more sculpted than the next, up to the majestic Taj Mahal. Sandeep had wisely planned a walk the day after our arrival for our greatest joy, which allowed us to catch our breath while climbing the hill after the trip, to understand more closely the social organization of this vast country by approaching the life villagers. Crossing the cities, walking in the dust of the streets to buy papadam at the market (to be cooked at the RECEPTION for the souvenir). Admire the pretty havelis still tagged, the landscapes of lakes and Aravelli, up to the sumptuous crafts of Jaipur. Night at the cinema: Unforgettable Bollywood! Tea break to enjoy an authentic chai everywhere. We are still stunned by the colorful crowd of saris, stalls, street dust, traffic to the rhythm of honking and swerving to avoid cows. But above all we keep the smile of this unforgettable trip, a deep affection for these adorable people, all in love with Ganesh, who know so well that luck is here and now. Meeting Sandeep and visiting his wonderful school: it's a real privilege. What a beautiful and generous project! We wish him and his family a lot of joy and long life! "


18 Feb 2018

21 dream days in this magnificent and endearing country. Once again Sandeep you have concocted a tailor-made trip for us by answering all our requests and our desires to sometimes get away from the tourist trails.

We are already planning to leave again in the spring and of course, we will take care of it for you because, at the organizational level, you are not the king but the "Maharaja"! THANKS

Annie, Annette et Michel, Marie Thérèse et René

15 Feb 2018

We knew you as a professional guide and your warm presence during the discovery of Rajasthan, encouraged us to trust you for the organization of our trip to South India. We are both happy that your organization introduced us to this country.

Your PASSION INDIA agency organized this trip and allowed us to discover the architecture, culture, traditions and economy of this great country.


09 Oct 2017

Extraordinary trip orchestrated marvelously by Passion India.
Competence, availability, punctuality and kindness are the primary qualities of Sandeep. Great tour in South India from Mumbai to Goa, super friendly drivers. Excellent little places to eat locally.....Circuit off the beaten track, non-touristy places: local markets, fishing port where we were the only Europeans. In short, an unforgettable trip for our first experience in India. Highly recommended agency. Thank you Sandeep

Bernard & Simone

27 Sep 2017

8 years ago we went to India and that's where we met Sandeep, our French travel guide. It was an unforgettable trip managed by Sandeep. Knowing his country perfectly, he showed us the tourist areas and also the places he knows, or where he lived. At the end of this trip I asked Sandeep of Indian contractors Royal Enfield in Delhi what he had done and it was the start of an unforgettable adventure. Since I go to India to see my new friends and see Sandeep every three months, Sandeep is a generous, passionate person who will be able to advise you for your next trip to India with Passion India (his travel agency)

Again THANKS Sandeep! You are a reason in changing my professional life.


09 Mar 2017

I came back from India and it's been more than 24 hours now because it was scheduled, a trip that stops time. I am physically in Spain but spiritually I have stayed there. This astonishing country India attracts you or repels you. The purpose of this trip was to discover the country on a motorcycle and to share this discovery with a gang of bikers. I had shots in mind without having analyzed them. I will always remember the landscapes of another era with a contrast between a rich land and poor people. At the bend, just the moment of the rice fields. Then we crossed the gates of Kerala and there I rediscovered the pure and irresistible charm of tea plantations of incredible beauty. If you stop, you hear the clicking of the sickles of these women picking up the tea leaves. The crossing of the cities sends us back to a bitter reality and to a denouement composed of precariousness, dirt and dust. Despite this, whether north or south, India is beautiful and attractive. Her smiling face and eyes filled with generosity capture and embrace you. On site, this atmosphere attracted and captivated me, I had the feeling of having already lived in India in another life. Now I am in Europe and without wanting to be there, a part of me has remained in this captivating country. This adventure that I lived and shared with great people, motorcycle enthusiasts or not, adventure and discovery of the other.

Jean Louis Enot

07 Feb 2017

Sandeep prepared us a fantastic tour in Rajasthan. Very serious company, too bad we didn't have time to meet Sandeep, but it's only a postponement..

Gaby-Yves Bald

06 Jan 2017

Very nice experience of India with a driver (Bhupi) at the top. Very attentive to our curiosity, he knew how to make us discover new places.
The organization of our stay by Sandeep was perfect.

Annie & Philippe

18 Oct 2016

Almost 10 years of a flawless relationship... We've known Sandeep since 2006, during a 3-week trip to Rajasthan. His professionalism, his sense of hospitality, his strong determination and his excellent knowledge of India have enabled him to become in a few years one of the best French-speaking guides in India. We have built a solid friendship since our first meeting. This allowed us to judge his qualities and it was only natural that when he told us about his project to create his own travel agency, "PASSION! NDIA", we encouraged him to immerse himself and come out with flying colors. Our confidence in him is such that we have decided to entrust him with the entire organization of our clients' visits to India.


18 Feb 2016

I met Sandeep on my first trip to Rajasthan when he was a young guide. Fifteen years later, after having traveled India from North to South and accompanied with passion hundreds of customers of the largest tour operators, he created his own agency and offers high quality personalized tours. I have recommended it to many friends wishing to discover India, off the beaten track, and all have been very satisfied. This year I visited South India and naturally I asked him to organize my stay... Exceptional.

Bruno Brechemier

18 Jan 2016

I met Sandeep in 2008, all through a group of friends who regularly travel to India. A trip to Rajasthan bof; of which I have fond memories.

In 2011, I again called on Sandeep to organize a 15-day trip to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I thus discovered this beautiful country with a group of friends.

And again, in 2016, I have just made a new trip to southern India, to the states of Kerala and Karnataka... always under the perfect supervision of Sandeep and his organization!

I really found the best way to travel in India with comfort and safety. And now, I imagine the next trip to India...


11 Mar 2011

What a great trip to Rajasthan we made thanks to you Sandeep in the spring of 2011! We find there not only the splendors of the palaces of the Maharajas and their jewels which are the Taj Mahal and the temple of Ranakpur but also unusual hotels like Bijaipur, restaurant on the terrace with breathtaking views of the cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. You took us to amazing places like Rasgullas Factory, Chittorgarh Fort and the Great Sikh Temple in Delhi. We will forever treasure all those unforgettable moments in our hearts. Thank you very much for everything ! Celine and 2 Sophies (Poitou-Charentes)

Plantin Bretagne

09 Mar 2011

It was from February 23 to March 6, 2011 that we stayed with 2 - 3 children in Rajasthan. We knew the south of India and were eager to discover another part of this bewitched and attractive continent. We have read and re-read books of all kinds and encountered the greatest and most enjoyable vagaries - Sandeep, via the net. He worked in Jaipur, knew his country perfectly, often accompanied French groups and spoke beautifully because he had been a student in France. He immediately understood what we were looking for during our travels: cultural tradition, authentic contact with the population, and if possible off the beaten track and far from mass tourism. The course was designed with talent and nothing escaped us: the palace, the temples, the strong ceremonies of the desert, the markets, the particular communities. The days were long but exciting, crisscrossing Rajasthan by car, train, boat, elephant! Our adorable guide Mr. Surrender, was constantly at your service, ready to change or adjust the day's program if we wanted to enjoy this wonderful country more.

We keep fantastic memories of this trip here at home and meeting Sandeep was a gift: he remains faithful to us, we appreciate his professionalism and dream of going back with him on the Indian roads, .. in 2016. India gave us a true friend full of talent and kindness: Sandeep!

He worked with passion to give birth to Passion! ndia of which he can be very proud.